The Annadale Counselling & Therapy Centre

Dr. Michelle Webster, Maria Gray, Clare Stapleton

Established in 1988, the Annandale Counselling & Therapy Centre offers individual and couple counselling and therapy. Individual Counselling is about working with general feelings of well-being, communication problems, feeling unmotivated, flat, anxious and stressed, being too self-critical, sleep disturbances, eating problems as well as relationship concerns. Individual Therapy is longer term work to explore the influences that have shaped our reactions and ways of dealing with life and relationships. Couple Work deals with difficulties and patterns of relating in relationships.

  • The Centre is associated with the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy, an accredited tertiary institution that provides specialist post-graduate training in counselling and therapy.

  • Each practitioner conducts their own private practice and sets their own fee based on the recommended fee from their professional association. Please contact any practitioner for further information about their services or for an appointment, via the links below.

  • You can learn a little more about each of our practitioners by visiting the following links:

  • · Dr Michelle Webster
  • · Maria Gray
  • · Clare Stapleton